Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Resident's Freak Show, the Missing Notebook, Professor Solomon, more.

My Notebook Update

Update: The Notebook does not want to be found right now. But I will let you know when it turns up.

I have looked high and low. However, on the good side, I have found another blue notebook with some computer links and sites in it too.

The Find Lost Things Professor Solomon Website
This link was also in the old Notebook. 

I have given this link to others... but have not found out if it works or not.

Maybe I will try it out later on.

Resident's Freak Show
This link is from the old notebook. It was for a 1994 game about Circuses called Resident's Freak Show. I never did order and play it. Here is a link about it .

It looks like a history of this band (as much of the CD had music on it) and graphics are here on their website: http://www.residents.com/historical4/freakshow/index.html.

Strange stuff. But it looked like it would be a good game.

AND it is available on Amazon, starting at $19.95. Glad I found it. I would like to see it, not sure if I want to buy it though.

This looks a lot neater than my file cabinets. Just saying.

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