Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ping your blog postings - - Ping services I use.

PING! How to let others know your blog has published. 
My favs.

I try to ping my websites every time I post. Sometimes I wind up actually doing that, but other times, not. I DO ping my most popular blog, which is the Nontraditional Students blog, every time. And usually the others (like this one!) too. I really should ping EVERY blog I do. It helps get readers to the blog.

I DO notice a difference in traffic when I ping at least 3 services after doing a posting. So it IS worth it to me to do it.

A Ping service will notify blog service sites (and some websites that show blog links) and let them know that you have published another posting. It refreshes your blog too (in readers) which can let more people come to your blog posting to read it.

Here are the best ones that are easy to use and reliable so far. (And are FREE, although you can also sign up for a paid membership on some.)

#1. Feedburner - - a must if you are signed up here. And the site has MANY other free services to help people sign up for your blog too.

#2. Pingler - - a nice site, has a captcha service at the bottom which can be a bit annoying, but OK once you are finished. It usually goes right to work.

#3. Ping-o-matic - -  a quality, nice ping site that allows you to also share your blog's RSS URL. (Note: for a Blogger blog, this is located at the bottom of your blog, where it says, Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). Just mouse over this area for your RSS address.

#4. FeedShark - -  Also takes your RSS feed, and it's easy to fill out. Make sure to enable the Turbo Mode box and click that you have read the Terms of Service (i.e. put a link to them on your blog). I have not put a link to them on my blogs yet, but it might be really required one of these days, hopefully not soon.

Well, I must publish this and go PING this blog for today. Have a good one!


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