Saturday, January 24, 2015

Great Catalogs, Part 3 - Victorian Trading, Caretaker Gazette, National Geo, Vermont Country Store

MORE great catalogs.

1. Victorian Trading Company: Ooh, la la. Love old-fashioned things? You will LOVE this catalog. Prepare to fall in love with all the clothing, accessories, furniture, prints, gloves, and SO much more here. I love this catalog, and could spend a LOT of time and money picking out fun things here. Luckily, they are online too:

AND this is not their ONLY catalog. There are 6 more. They include: Jewelry, Castle and Cottage Romantic Home Collection, Hopeless Romantic Clothing, Jewelry, & Accessories, and Victorian Papers, Literature and fine Correspondence. Check them out here:

2. The Caretaker Gazette. More like a circular, the Caretaker Gazette features listings for caretaking positions around the world, both on and off the grid, as well as featured autobiographies from current caretakers, and a wonderful Classified Ads section. Their website is here:

3.  The National Geographic Holiday Catalog: The gifts here are so fun to look at. Samples are handcrafted jewelry, replicas of old-fashioned games, and traveler's vests. Check some of their gifts out here too at the Gift Blog:

4. The Vermont Country Store. Love delicious candy, cookies, household items, classic games, functional and pretty clothing, and much more? I do. It's a really fun catalog with unique items that are sure to please your List. And guess what? They are online too. :-).


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