Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow today, digging out, I-65, A snowplow/snow removal service, a new Songbook, photos, projects...

Making a List... sometimes it's just the way to go.

I have two photos to share today. They are of the snow before the plow came by.

Over towards the farm...

The road with only tire tracks.

Digging out... we found a service that will plow your driveway. He's good, and fast. 
Here is his information (though he's probably pretty busy today with company parking lots):

Via Tracy. Thanks, Tracy!

My new songs and games booklet
I have a little book of camp songs to make this week for a Girl Scout workshop, it will be full of NON-copyrighted material. Should be fun. I will try to share a link to purchase it later. Of course, if you are going to the workshop as a Girl Scout leader or volunteer, it will be free for you. :-)

I have a long list of projects, including some snail mail. One of these things is WRITING on my blogs, which I am doing now. So... thus the list. It does help, as does the two calendars I use.

Stay safe and hunker down if you can!

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