Monday, February 16, 2015

Discoveries from the Secret (and Forgotten) Notebook - Part One

My Secret Notebook is really old.

I will guess and say it is maybe 15-20 years old or even older. I will make a logo for it to use at the top of these blog postings next.

It's one of the neat notebooks I used to like, perfect bound on the left,  10 1/2 x 8, with wide rulings printed on each page - - a "Neatbook". I like the little sized ones too, they make terrific diaries. But I have not been able to find the bigger ones. NOT that I have looked really hard - like online or anything.

I had fun pasting different things in it, like articles about online sites, software, top websites, etc. I knew I enjoyed exploring the internet. But I made this notebook WAY before I tried to do beginning websites or even blogs.

NOW I am reading it and want to share some of these. Others I will be looking at. As you know, many sites come and go. I hope some of the most interesting ones are still there, in some form or another.

I will start at the beginning: CYBERPLAY: an article about searching the web, mentions stalwart search engines we use today, like Yahoo. It ALSO mentions Mining Company. So what is this? I am looking it up.

Well! It now is - - who must have bought the site. I like and just wrote about it on other blog, Find Scholarships and Grants, today. Interesting. Both sites use Guides to write about different subjects. So it's a good fit. AND there is a story there... somewhere. I am guessing that bought the Mining Company. I'm wrong though!

The site started AS the Mining Company, then changed their name. And YES, I think we will see many changes on the sites in this notebook.

OK - one more.

Midrealm - Oh my! It MAYBE is supposed to look like an old-fashioned text adventure game. BUT it does not work.

Now to put something else on here that DOES work. How about: The Tolkien Society? I'm not a member, but this site used to have some neat areas on it.]

Which makes me want to also put the Last Homely House on here. But there are a few of them! 

I have a feeling the ORIGINAL Last Homely House site is no more. Darn.

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