Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sign up time is now for Community Education classes

The Community Education Catalog is here!
You can sign up now for your favorite classes, like Right-Sizing Your Life, How to use your Digital Camera, Line Dancing, Knitting 101, art classes, computer classes, and more. Just go to the Community Education site here: or call them at 270-842-4281.

Classes are held at many locations, Houchens Center, Natcher Elementary, Hobby Lobby, Briarwood Elementary, BG High School, Barnes and Noble, and more locations too. Classes start on different dates in April. Register early for best selection. Register at 1227 Westen Avenue, Mail in the form you may have gotten in your mail, or phone-in 270-842-4281. Your payment is due in 3 days if you phone in.

Check out the classes here:


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Betsy's CGC, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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