Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Resale shops and thrift stores in Bowling Green, Kentucky

I love going to thrift shops. You can find the neatest stuff there.

Here in Bowling Green, there are many to pick from. Here are just a few:

Goodwill on Nashville Road (3 stores) - one is a new one, and another new building is going up on Campbell Lane too. The "furniture" store has lots more than furniture, like games, knick-knacks, clothing, books, etc.

The Lion and Lamb Boutique - they have clothing, shoes, purses, etc. PLUS a bunch of collectible and antique booths here. It is located on 31-W.

*star- star* Granny's Attic (or Grandma's Attic) on Broadway - hang it up. This store has more. It has couches, bureaus, glassware, baskets, rugs, and regular household things.

St. Vincent's and Helping Hand resale shops are kiddycorner and located on Russellville Road, in the large shopping center by the high school. So it's fun to go to both of them at once. If you want real clothes deals, Helping Hand is the place to go. You may have to search through the racks a bit, but the price is right.

There are many more great thrift stores and resale shops in Bowling Green. List your favorite after this, and tell me why you like it.

All for now,

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Betsy's CGC, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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