Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Great catalogs! Part One. 2 books catalogs, one clothing catalog.

I love to read catalogs of all different kinds. They are great for dreaming and finding great deals too.

Okay. Here are some GREAT catalogs you may also like. I am reading them right now. They are worth getting.

#1. Bargain Books: This catalog is a totally great time-waster, and fun. It has categories of books, all on sale, including Crafts-Needlecrafts, Cookbooks, Miltary History, and Biography. It is the Bargain Books/Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller catalog.  And here is the online version.

#2. Adventures Unlimited. This is a kind of scary site with many Crytozoological/UFO and Conspiracy books and magazines. It is connected to a group called the World Explorers Club. Find out more here: AdventuresUnlimitedPress.com.

#3.  L.L. Bean. Yes, this company has new owners. But the products are still very fun to browse through. The best things here are the dresses, men's and women's shirts, shoes, and coats. AND they have some great fleece and flannel combinations with supreme comfort in mind. http://www.llbean.com.

I will list more great catalogs next posting. Until then, have a great month!


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