Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Part Two of Great Catalogs: MaryJane's Farm, Burgess, Rare Seeds, and Harriet Carter

More Catalogs! Great Catalogs, Part Two.

I am including one magazine, because it includes some catalog-type links in it. I have found links to these online so you can check them out too.

It is MaryJanes Farm. This is a great magazine, and also has a catalog you can look at that has MaryJane's Farm products in it. These are natural and organic fiber sheets, towels, and more. They also have a group called MaryJane's Farmgirl Sisterhood that reminds me of Girl Scouts, because they (from the page in the magazine) "share stories, ...craft,, and... nurture the next generation of Farmerettes and Young Cultivators." Okay, it's like Girl Scouting a little bit because you can earn badges. But the emphasis is very much on country things, including knitting, glamping (glamourous camping), and living a rural life.

Burgess Seed and Plant Company: I like this catalog. I usually just buy heirloom or non-GMO seeds, so I was happy to see that Burgess is adding heirloom varieties or identifying them in their catalog. They have some things here I don't see in other garden catalogs I get, like nut trees, and also good hybrids, if you are putting off growing your heirloom garden for awhile. The photos here are good too. It's a terrific garden planning idea book - - along with Rare Seeds, of course, which has both a free and low-cost catalog. You can request a Burgess catalog here.

Harriet Carter: This catalog is a true classic in my book. My mom used to get this one, and I enjoyed reading it for many years at her house. There are things here that I really like. One is the Wireless Porch Light (to use before we get another one - we already got it via Publisher's Clearing House, but it looks neat), the long Dryer Brush, Magnetic Blinds (easy on and off), Flameless Timer Candles (for Girl Scout Thinking Day), Adhesive Caulk Tape (looks very handy)  the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, an Indoor Dryer Vent Kit, Spin Mop, and a One Second Needle all look very interesting. The Make Your Own Coffee Pod looks cool too, although I don't have that kind of coffee maker (yet).

I hope you like these, too. List your favorite catalogs as comments too!
Here is my first posting, Great Catalogs, Part One. It has these catalogs on it: Bargain Books, Adventures Unlimited, and L.L Bean catalogs.


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