Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What to plant.... where the Willow Tree was...

Well.... should I plant another Willow Tree where the original Willow Tree was?

The beautiful willow tree - - After the Fall.

I miss it.

It would blow lovely shadows across the windows....dancing around so gracefully. This tree also made very nice shade across the front lawn. ::::sigh::::

It also hid the Delayed Maintenance pretty well.

I put some willow cuttings in water just to see... but they didn't take. I found out putting them in soil would have been better.

But of course, I can order another one. But then again, perhaps another kind of tree would be better. But on the other hand, willows are very pretty.

But on the other other hand, willow roots do tend to do mischief. My neighbor in back of me (who may or may not live there any more) decided the 4 huge willow trees that were on the border of our yards 10+ years ago had to go down to the nubs one day. I remember crying on top of the stumps. Now those were AWESOME willow trees. But I bet the roots got into their pipes.

Hmmmm.... to plant a tree or not? A bush would be OK, but would not grow as fast.

Decisions, decisions.


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