Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Search for Raised Garden Beds - and my amended plan.

Raised beds by Lori L. Stalteri on Flickr.

Wow - I'm looking up Raised Garden Beds at places like Lowe's and for sure, they have them. Redwood, plastic (called resin) and composite wood are materials you can get.

They are ready to go, some with tents over them that look very nice.

BUT they are way too expensive for me. I'd like to find some that are not very expensive. Looks like I'll need to make them or put them together myself. How about some big Tinker Toy pieces? That would look nice.

I know you can just pile some more mulch there, stick some newspapers underneath too... so that may be where I go too. UNTIL I get some nice-looking raised beds going, with maybe boards around them. 

Maybe I will do like Lori, and do at least one raised bed this year, and add another next year. That sounds like a good plan. I like this simple raised bed idea.


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