Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's not too late to.... plant herbs!

Here's a bit of gardening advice I got from a customer downtown at the Pots Place today.

It's NOT too late to plant herbs. In fact, last this person knows, there might be some herbs for a good price (think: about $3.00) at Hillview Garden and Floral, 2209 Nashville Road.

AND the date to plant them is the end of this month. That gives people a good 3-4 weeks to still plant herbs outside.

And other nurseries may also still have these for good prices.

She will be putting them in larger pots, trimming them for bushy growth, and using these herbs in her cooking. Sounds good!

Good luck with your garden plans this year, even if it's getting ready for next year (which I am doing!)

Downtown today, there is a Concert in the Park! I can hear it a little from inside.


And here's a posting from the Moon and Willow Tree Blog today:

Kentucky Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program 2014: via the ALIVE blog.
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