Monday, October 28, 2013

Projects, projects! Making my list easier... plus Kesterson's Antiques in Madisonville.


Do you have some projects to do that you feel are languishing on the back burner way too long?

I do. And maybe you do, too.

Today I'm going to start doing (keep doing) the "regular" things, just spending less time on them.

This will hopefully make time for other, just-as-important, projects.

Looking for antiques...
I recently re-visited the city of Madisonville, Kentucky. I got to visit a great antique store there called Westerson's Antiques. This store recently uncovered a beautiful sign on the side of the building. The newspaper was called, and many customer's came to visit.

This place reminds me of other fun General Stores I have visited. There are neat items in all the nooks and crannys there, plus, if you listen hard, some great stories and history of when the building was a grocery store.

Last time, I cleaned out her collection of hatboxes. I needed those. And found that finding hatboxes is not easy. They do have some new ones out there, but they are hard to find.

I loved the floor best. It's uneven, with character. And there is a place there where things, like jewelry and lamps, can be fixed. Be prepared to see some neat things there.

Here are some photos of my most recent visit there:

Kesterson's new/old Dr. Pepper sign.

The Owner renovates these beautiful chandeliers herself!

And here are some more photos of the visit:
Kesterson's Antiques in Madisonville, Kentucky.

All for now,

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