Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Personal Blogs, plus this Winter, Ministry of the Arts, a Christmas Card site, Kindle download, more.

Personal Blogs...

Do you have more than one personal blog?

I do... and now I want to put them together. I will be keeping this blog current, but not posting here as much. I want to keep all the links going on it though. A few days ago, I looked for a blog that had been totally erased. They lost all their links! I don't want to do that.

That's not something I want to do. I read that you could go back and redo blog postings. What a great idea! And somebody who has a link on a posting with other links that no longer exist wants to take their link off. Which I understand.

When I learn how to put all these postings on the other site, or send them there, I will do that.

The Weather... and this Winter!

The Farmer's Almanac says that this winter will be one of the coldest ever. Here in Kentucky, that would mean that  we could have at least two BIG snowstorms.That would be OK if I didn't have to go anywhere! "Slip-sliding away..." is not my favorite thing when driving a car.

Ministry of the Arts

Here is that link:
Ministry of the Arts - they have some great Christmas cards, and also statuettes, bookmarks, and lots more here. It is a Catholic site, with awesome artwork.

And FYI: free ebooks:
FYI: free ebook: How to Search Obituaries to find Ancestors and Trace Your Family Tree.

Download here: http://bit.ly/free-obituary-ebook
And here is a novel for free today for your Kindle:  Underground by Beth Brown. It has one good review.

From the Back Cover:
"Nothing exciting ever happened in Emily's sleepy Church Hill neighborhood. Just when she'd come to accept that she lives in probably the most boring place ever, a giant sinkhole opens up in the middle of the street and swallows two cars.

With the help of her best friend Sarah, Emily decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the appearance of the hole and the strange behavior of the city officials in charge of repairing it. When they find themselves in over their heads with the investigation--and trapped at the bottom of the pit--the girls learn that there is much more buried beneath the surface of their hometown than just its shadowy history.

About the Author:
Beth Brown is the recipient of the Library of Virginia's 13th Annual People's Choice Award for her book Haunted Plantations of Virginia. Her work has been featured on Travel Channel, The Biography Channel, History, and the Emmy Award-winning program 'Virginia Currents'. She has authored five non-fiction books and is the co-creator of the popular Richmond Macabre anthology series."
It sounds good. I just downloaded it. I will have to find my Kindle power cord before reading it though.


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