Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rain.... mowing... and other good thoughts.

I do love the rain.

It can get in the way of mowing, but that's OK. I just turn the height gauge up on the mower, and the grass is a bit higher when the yard finally dries up.

In this section of Kentucky, if you don't mow when the weather is right, the next time you get ready to mow, it will rain. That's just reality.

Some friends on Facebook are talking about the rain. One is listening to ghost stories. Others are hunkering down at home, and some don't have a window where they are to see it raining.

But thought it's grey, it's nice outside. Really! Elvis was looking for his lost love in the COLD Kentucky rain... but if you are not from here, you should know that rain here is sometimes refreshing and semi-warm.

Here's to rain. And reading. And working.

This blog may move somewhere later this year. Because I will be working on books in the rain instead of my blogs. But that's OK.


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