Thursday, September 26, 2013

From the Garden Spot... Flying with FlyLady, and Blogging

Today, as I explained on my other blog, The Moon and the Willow Tree, I told myself to get ALL my blogs done.

A scary Busy Bee from

This is my second-to-last blog to complete today. The last one is a Club blog, for the local BGAMUG Computer Club. I will be posting about the date of the next meeting, and how the Auction went. Also I will be talking about my taking a year off from Webmaster duties vs. retiring (I'm NOT retiring...)

So... I thought I would share the FlyLady link again. Between "flying" and delayed maintenance here (plus organization) I am very busy. Add that to finishing books and projects and trainings. But getting things done requires MAKING time.

So this morning I am making time for these blogs, updating all, and then getting busy with other semi-fun projects and fun ones.

Here in Bowling Green, Kentucky the weather is really good. There was fog this morning, but hopefully this will burn off this afternoon.

How are things in your neck of the woods? Good, I hope.


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