Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ten of my favorite websites for 2013 - - they are fun and cheap or free.

I have these saved as bookmarks so I can visit often. I will share them with you today.

#1. I like Blogger, because  a lot of my blogs are on there. It is a free site, with widgets you can use for your personal or hobby blog, and it's easy to add Google ads there too. You can also schedule your blogs, which would be nice if I had the time to blog ahead. Maybe some day...

#2. This next one listed here has to be Facebook. I'm still hooked on this site. I like to scroll down and see what my friends are up to. One of these days I'm going to redo my Favorites and only include Friends in one, and check it every day (its' at the left) so I can tune out some of the other site messages. I have the feeling I'm not seeing everything my friends are doing anymore.

#3.  Pinterest - I don't go there as much as I'd like. But it's fun to see fashion outfits, Girl Scout and craft ideas, decorating photos, printables, and lots more. Try searching for "popular" - - you will see many Pins there to add to your lists. 
You can add me, I am Betsyanne77 there.

#4. Clkr is a great royalty-free, public domain clip art website. I have used it a lot. You don't have to credit them either, but I like to use a "clker" name in the file name to let myself know where my clipart is from just in case.

#5. Mystic Games has free astrology, tarot, rune, and i-ching readings, plus arcade games and more. These are fun. Just use the Guest Entrance at the right at the second page after you have clicked in.

#6. Are you a writer? NaNoWriMo month is November. Get signed up early and take advantage of writing help here.

#7. I like Bravenet web services page because it offers lots of free services, like polls, guestbooks, and more web apps. It's a good place to try things out too.

#8. Flylady can help you if you need to get organized.

#9. Google's URL Shortener is easy to use, and especially good for shortening tweets for Twitter.

#10. And last but not least, another favorite site I like is Auctiva. When I get back into listing with Ebay, I plan to use it a lot. The price is reasonable too, plus this site has a blog feature plus news and a place to host your photos.

The rest of these sites are mostly free, which is always a good thing.

Other sites or apps I like lately are (for homemade or craft items PLUS now for antiques or collectibles too), Silent Unity (good for sending the link to when a friend or acquaintance needs help - they have a 24-hour hotline), Flickr (for photo sharing) , YMLP (Your Mailing List Provider) (Just the very best deal for newsletters out there), LinkedIn, Twitter, and Dropbox (a file transfer service).


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