Sunday, July 21, 2013

Updating, planning the new website, Nashville doctor visit, more

As soon as I finish all my blogs today, I'm getting ready for my new website.
Brain Gears - from the free Clikr website.

Planning happens first. The new website is going to be called The Outdoor Journey. Check back later for more details, or join the Yahoo Outdoor Journey Group below. This is a group writing fun Outdoor Journeys for Girl Scout troops and talking about camping too.

We have the radio on today, and it's fun to hear new music. WKU's Barren River Breakdown has been on, and has been playing many great songs. It's a relaxing day, and I hope it is for you, too.

Looking for Bowling Green, Kentucky events? Just click here on My Events Calendar (also located above)  to see those. I have made a special page here so you can check dates and things to do.  I know, I used to list them, but now I have some more projects, so something had to give.

Pick up a copy of SoKy Happenings too, they have LOTS of things listed for every day.

We've been in Nashville getting Rickey's eye operated on. It all went well. And luckily, his doctor also has an office here in town, so we don't have to go to Nashville again to get it checked on.

Next: updating my calendar, which is full of neat stuff and projects.

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