Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Teresa's will stay open - - and maybe you can still see Teresa.

We got to see Teresa again!

We had just discovered Teresa's (well, a bit back) and found out that she had the secret recipe for Reno's Buffalo Chicken, and served it on Friday's.

Well, we got to sample it one Friday, but no more. I asked for the Secret Recipe, but didn't get it. Darn. It's still secret.

On the good side, we got to see Teresa last week - which was exciting. I wasn't sure if she would be there that day.

She gave me a hug too, just like the first time I met her. She is so special. I am sad about her leaving, but understand that she was ready for a new time in her life.
She's not Teresa.

Maybe you can still see Teresa this week. But eventually, she is going to leave to spend more time with her family... and the new owner will take over completely. The new owner is the Colonial Inn in Russellville, which plans to keep the place open, but maybe with a new name.

Personally, I think that the T-shirts that say "No, I'm Not Teresa" as so neat! I wish they could keep that, the name, and her menu, especially the Buffalo Chicken. For those who used to live here, and remember Reno's, they had Buffalo Chicken before it was cool.

And those hot wings were really good. My friends used to order the hottest chicken they had. I would order the mild kind. And used the sauce!


Find out more: Teresa's Restaurant Sold - the Daily News article

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