Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Garden is coming into view, and the War on Weeds is going pretty well, considering they have the upper hand.

I actually have some flowers out there, plus a great SPOT for the garden.

As I have declared war again this year on my weeds and overhanging branches, they are still winning for the most part, but my Plan B for the Back Yard is going forward.
I am lucky to have fast-growing grass and green stuff that fills in for it. And cows across the street, plus hawks, moles, rabbits, songbirds, and more to round out the picture.

How is your garden growing?  Well, I hope! The Farmer's Market at the Old Mall was full of wonderful heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, flowers, jam, pottery, dogs, babies in slings, and smiles today.

We'll be back.


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