Saturday, June 6, 2015

Switch Day is almost here! Very soon, I will be pointing this blog over to my other one.

I am getting ready to point this fun blog over to my OTHER blog called the Moon and the Willow Tree.

I will be blogging more often then. This blog will automatically go over there. I still plan to write about writing, books, gardening, things going on here, and more there.

You will be able to search for old posting too.

Here is the other link, just in case.

The Moon and the Willow Tree.

You are great readers, and I hope you continue to read me at the Moon and the Willow Tree blog, which will be a LOT like this one - - a combination of both!

The only thing that will not copy over are the photos and etc. from here. But I plan to post many more photos at the new site, and also post more often! So I think you will like that a lot.

All for now,

Join me on Twitter at @scholarsgrants, @betsyanne or @nontrads 

PS I have already moved it now. (adding...) So I did a Welcome blog entry there already, and talked about books again. Fun!

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