Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Save the Monarch butterfly! Plant Milkweed.

The word is out.

Monarchs need more habitat and milkweed plants to eat. Milkweed is their preferred food, so people are planting them when they can in their own backyards and gardens.

I've seen milkweed plants. They are not the most beautiful in the world. But you can plant them and other plants Monarch butterflies like too.

Make sure you buy a seed that is not coated with any chemicals and is all-natural.

And did you know that there are different kinds of milkweed? I think the one I was thinking of was Northeast Common Milkweed. There is a chart below from the US Forest Service article that will tell you what kind of milkweed grows best in YOUR area.

I love all kinds of butterflies, so I hope that many people plant milkweed this year to help save them.


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