Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you want this rushed now, or rush the other rush job first?

Rush jobs can be hard to sort out, in my opinion.
Photo by Mo Risa via Flickr.

I do know that if I am doing a rush job for somebody else, it become more important, for many reasons.

I want to do a GREAT job and show others that I can work from a schedule.

However, when it comes to a job for MYSELF... things get tricky.

It does not matter how often I write a "rush order" <to myself, of course...> for something I am doing just for myself, it just does not get the urgency it needs.

Is this procrastination? No... it's prioritizing other things, rush jobs for others, before my own rush jobs. If I got my rush jobs done... I could start on other projects.

So... as some signs say,

Do I rush this job now, or rush the rush job I was rushing before?

I think the answer could be not to accept any more rush jobs before MY OWN rush jobs are done.

It sounds good anyhow!

We'll see if I can do this. Right after the rush job I have been given today. Ack!!!


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