Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Garden Dreaming...Online Selling and Sellers... plus Online Advice sites

I hope to change the title of this blog - maybe - later on, OR merge with another blog. Famous last words, I know.

But what to call it? Learning Online? Online Selling Tips? More thoughts from Betsy? Who knows. I do have some good advice from actually trying out different selling platforms, and finding others who really are doing great online with guides and even MORE advice.

For now, I will keep dreaming of a garden (to have more fresh food...).  AND finishing my three in-process books.

In the meantime too, I am experimenting with online selling. I used to sell many more books on Amazon, which was profitable. Ebay: not so much. Well, I'll qualify that. It seems like selling on Ebay was easier in the past, I got more views anyway. I will try posting more items on there and see what happens. The price is sure right: FREE - at least for now.

Squidoo: ditto, though I am getting my Lenses migrated to HubPages along with many others soon, which will be a learning experience, for sure.

Being on Etsy is also not very expensive. I sure could spend some serious money on that site. For instance, they have some homemade purses there that are awesome. AND miniatures. AND art. 

Here are some other Online Sellers that I follow. Some have courses which I have not taken (yet) but sound intriguing.

PotPie Girl - this person is still going on with her blog and site, PotPie Girl was with us on Squidoo. I'd like to see what she says about HubPages and whether she is going there too. I notice that her site description says "Stop the Madness! Internet Marketing Help from PotPieGirl." I love her website. It is so well-designed. I have always also liked her free advice. She also sells a course there.

Steve Weber's bookselling site now just plugs his book and asks you to join his email list. Now I can't find it. Darn! I swear I DID join his email list, but somehow have not been receiving his mailings lately. I will join again. He also used to have a podcast, didn't he? When I go to, it sends me to a Kindle book review site. And other pages don't load. Hmmm... Not good.

I see someone else has written about Steve in a "Grumpy Old Bookman - the Home Based Bookstore" blog. Hmmm again. More on this later, after I've done some research.

Squidoo Friends - - there were so many. Some really made some good money. At least they SAID they did. Okay, I'll rephrase. SOMEBODY was making money. Many said that keywords - having the right ones - was key. It made a huge difference in their traffic. So, of course, I want to study that more. At least for awhile. I may not jump in a write a lot for somebody else (again).
And there is always the idea of trying other art and crafts myself, which will be very interesting and fun, once I get my kitchen table totally cleared off and my books largely out of the house.

I think it's a buyer's market right now on some online sites. But there is nothing wrong with making art and writing anyhow.

I will let you know when I find the perfect scenario for making real money.

It's so hopeful. I'm sure somebody will share this with me soon. Ha.


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