Sunday, September 14, 2014

Books I like, #1. The first six, plus Amazon links.

#1 posting: Six books I like - Sept., 2014

The one I JUST read is W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton. I love all of her alphabet mysteries. This one has Kinsey finding out even more about her family, which is NOT all good.

These books (available at can be ordered new or used.

I usually check the used books and get one that is "like new" at least in very good condition when I buy there. But you can see the covers here, no matter where you get them.

Walter Mosley is a new author I am reading. I read this one about a month ago. He really doesn't want to be a private investigator, but gets caught up in money making schemes he can't say no to. The Feng Shui information is fun to check out. It is also helping me organize at home. Did you know that keeping your toilet tank cover down saves money?

The Lillian Too book description says this is the same book as the one I have, it's just a different title (above). Hopefully it includes the 128 Easy Tips for Wealth and Prosperity. The next book Ancient Rome, has the best illustrations typical food, buildings, trade, festivals, wars, all kinds of the kind of photos DK is famous for. PLus, like the Feng Shui books, they are mini-books, which don't take up as much room. I keep the Feng Shui books handy.

You can count on any Sword and Sorceress collection of short stories to astound and amuse. This is #18. I have NOT read them all yet, thank goodness. I found out in this book that Marion Zimmer Bradley died before this book was published. Her friend, Elisabeth Waters, finished up this edition and wrote the Introduction. I was sad to hear that there wouldn't be any more of these. Marion Zimmer Bradley chose all the stories in this book.

I will be looking for the whole set now, and making sure I read them all.


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