Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon... what works for you? I hope to get all going very soon.

Hello, readers! Here is an update on my online selling.

What I've been doing lately: I have been doing organizing my inventory! And going to some great book sales too.

So... be on the lookout for some great deals here soon.

Ebay Listings
I have just relisted my Pam Tillis Mystic Biscuit Cook Book on Ebay. This has country music star autographs in it. I do not collect autographs (except sometimes in books!) but I now others do, so when I saw this I knew I should get it.

Also I have relisted my Best Brand Sewing Pin, which is head and shoulders better than the other ones I have seen online for sale. Cute, good for a Christmas present. Just saying. I used to have a Best Brand charm, which I wish I still had. It was gorgeous. It was a boot with little diamond chips in it.

I think it's good to have listings going on Ebay, even as place keepers. A store would be nice (because of the automatic boost store pages get) but I'm not sure I want to do that YET. It would be sort of fun though, especially doing a newsletter.

My New Store on Etsy
I have several things on Etsy, and plan to list more soon too. I love looking through all the shops here, and favoriting my favorite Etsy stores.

Some people say Etsy is getting too commercial - - but I don't know. I didn't join until lately, so was not there when it was mostly one at a time handmade things. I think probably it has gotten very popular, so unless you do some advertising, it's hard to get noticed. I do really like some of the stores here.

Here is my shop - Betsyanne77. I just have a few items on there, paintings, a book about Life after Death, some science fiction collectible books, and pottery figurines too.

I closed my Amazon listings for now... because I didn't have many on there. I will go there to check them out again soon, and see how I can list the page here also as a store. I liked Amazon best for book selling, and may try it out again.

Are you selling online? Please let me know in a comment what site you like the best, and works best for you. It's the time to ramp up for the Christmas selling time!


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