Wednesday, August 27, 2014

From ramping up to getting my ebooks updated. Much to do!

Projects... and plans...

They say having your eggs (or writing!) in more than one basket is the way to go when making money online.

I agree! With all the hoopla about Squidoo going on right now (see my last postings for more) it's all Squidoo Lensmasters could do to update their sites and try to research their NEW site, HubPages, if they chose to stay.

Here is more about that: (From Squidoo Liz: Seth Godin now paying Lensmasters, and from here: Sharing about being a Lensmaster at Squidoo)

Other online writers will be taking their work and putting it on their blogs and websites.

I think finishing my books is the way to go. I have three.

#1. Free Art Sites

#2. What NOT to do as a new teacher


#3. The Druid Story.

I will redo the Free Arts Sites one first.

I have a semi-deadline of the end of next month (thank goodness) and of course something ALWAYS comes up where I can't finish just now. But I know doing a little every day or week will work.

With the first book, checking the links will mostly do it, plus redoing all the art.

Are you working on a project right now? List it as a comment.


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