Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sharing about Squidoo... where I used to be a Lensmaster, until the end of the month.

Heard about Squidoo? 
Money Squid by GreekGeek on Squidoo

I used to be very excited about being on Squidoo. Then the site closed the Fan Pages, then after that they closed the fun RocketMoms group. Recently, the person who owns the Squidoo website announced that he is selling it and switching the pages to HubPages, unless you move your pages before the deadline.

People were really mad about losing their money they earned there, and also having to move, until the owner (who you might have heard of... Seth Godin) decided to lower the money threshold that he had changed recently to $25.00 and lower it back down to the original $1.00.

He won't have as much money to donate to his charity now, but it was the right thing to do.

Many Lensmasters (content authors) are surprised that the site has been sold, but really, I'm not.

There were too many bad changes that were happening. Pages that were A-OK before were locked for reasons that were hard to figure out. It was a major hassle and a waste of time too, for a site that didn't make much money unless you were a Top Selling Writer.

I figured it was just a matter of time before people would start leaving the site anyhow. So maybe this is a good thing.

I have written about Squidoo on my Lizziebeth on Squidoo page for awhile. Check there to find out more.

Seth Godin now Paying Lensmasters

Where to take my Squidoo lenses - - it takes thought! (before the Lensmasters could get paid also...)

Big Changes at Squidoo - they are closing the site in October (when the $$ was not going back to the authors...)

Now it's about moving my pages and either hosting them myself or moving to another site. The one that's automatically chosen (if you keep your work there) is HubPages.

There are a few others out there we could also choose.

But after this experience I am perhaps ready to NOT go onto another site that "shares" money with me. It would be better (maybe) to write only for myself now.

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