Monday, February 18, 2013

Garden Dreaming... do you plan to have a garden this year?

Here are some Garden Plans for the Garden Spot in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
ALL THINGS GROW WITH LOVE. Photo by mueritz on Flickr.

Every year in January AND February, I get excited about my garden.

 It's fun to think about what to put in it each year. Will it be the same this year? What will I add? What will my garden look like?

I want to get some Heritage Plants this year or next. Saving seeds is a great idea.

A raised garden is also a possibility.

Some plants I always like are tomatoes, peppers, and some flowers, like marigolds, snapdragons and lilies.

Hollyhocis - so pretty! By ValerieZinger on Flickr.

Some other things I would LOVE to plant  are celeriac, herbs, potatoes, hollyhocks, and lilies of the valley.

I wrote a Squidoo Lens here about Organic Gardening too. There are some other Kentucky gardening blogs there.

Do you have a garden?

What do you plan to grow this year?

I am interested to know! Leave a comment about YOUR garden plans!


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