Saturday, February 23, 2013

Concave 34 - posting #2. It's all about parties in 2013.

Concave (this weekend in Bowling Green, Kentucky) has plenty of room parties, like many science fiction conventions.

Sometimes these parties try to get votes for conventions. Sometimes they don't. But aways, they are imaginative. Even the signs are!

Here are parts of a couple of them:

Great Scott! It's Back to the Future!

Uh-oh! Watch out for Vampires!

Of course, there are lights, cameras, and refreshments too. And sometimes you get a sticker for your official Concave Membership lanyard I.D. too.


Wait a minute! Who's that monster??

Oh - - Here is the welcome sign, though I hope to get a better photo of it today.

There are more photos on my Facebook photo page.

Plus here is a posting on the Moon and the Willow tree too about Concave.

Other links:

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And here are some other photos of past Concaves:

Concave 30

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