Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moving on over to the Moon and the Willow Tree

I am thinking of combining blogs.

I have another blog, The Moon and the Willow Tree, and this one, which are both pretty much personal blogs, concentrating on things I like (like a personal diary blog) and also on things in my community I like (like cheap and free events, art events, and more.)

Here is the header of my other blog:
The tree is a colorized version of part of the tree in my front yard.

I love both of these blogs, but I want to combine them to save time and plus be able to have more updates for everyone.

There is a way to combine both, but that method would not save all my photos and links I have here. So, if you like this blog, and do not mind switching, I would do it now. Just to to The Moon and the Willow Tree today and sign up to receive that blog by email. I will eventually put everything useful I can think of there in page form (a new option Blogger has now) so it will have more on there that is fun to read too.

I would keep your subscription here until I switch the Events Page over there later in a week or two. I will keep this blog on here with a message to go to the other one later on.

This is a heads up. I will not completely switch over for awhile, so you have time to switch too. :-) I love my readers, so this will make it easier to switch over in a leisurely fashion.


PS I have a great article there I just did about watching Once Upon a Time tonight on TV. I am such a fan! I think you will be too, especially after you watch the video there.

See you there!


PS Leave a comment! I would love to find out what you think or just say hi.

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