Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowed in? I share 10 ideas to get productive.

Some ideas for a snowy day
I think some of these ideas will help make me more productive, especially #1, 3, 4, 5-8.

These are things I have been thinking about today, so I am sharing them here. The reason? It has been too long since I posted last!

I hope this posting finds you happy, well, and free of drama and anxiety.
Photo by Eric Michaels-Ober on Flickr.

More on the moving the blog idea
I have not moved my blog yet since I'm deciding which one I like the best. I like the name of this one a lot.

Maybe I will move this over to the Moon and the Willow Tree, but keep this name as part of it. Maybe The Moon and the Willow Tree - musings from the Garden Spot. That's kind of long though.

Back to the subject.

Here are some things I'm thinking of (and doing!) today. Maybe these things will give you an idea or another (hopefully fun) project to add to your list.

 These are things pretty much everyone can do on a snowy day.

Of course (re: photo) reading is always an option. I think we all agree reading is very productive for your brain. I think if you have an old copy of this book - The Last Whole Earth Catalog - access to tools, or another version, you will get LOTS of ideas for projects. Just saying.

Onward and upward. Here is that list - I can:

#1. Do some more organizing - a la the FlyLady. I have already gone through lots of photos, organized some, and scanned some to Facebook.

#2. Plant another veggie plant. Now I have a pretty Carrot plant and a Radish plant in my kitchen window. Next - a potato plant? Since I have plenty of little planters, this hobby is cheap and fun.

#3. Post some playing cards for sale on Ebay. (Organization too?)

#4. Do my Nontrad News issue for this month. I do have all month to do this, technically, but whatever.

#5. Fix my ebooks - one for free distribution, the other for 99 cents. And making new ebook covers? I will need to check out the "do it yourself" information online too.

#6. Write more blog postings. This can be fun. Don't have a blog yet? Try it at Blogger or Wordpress, depending on your expertise.

#7. Update my Squidoo postings or write another one. This helps them get better ratings. If you are not on Squidoo, you can try making a lens webpage on it today.

#8. Make a work schedule, so I can try to get even more done each day. Like maybe an Ebay listing.

#9. Write some important people (like the Aunties) old-fashioned snail mail letters. This will be a good deed type project. Plus I am way behind on these. One is for a birthday and I will include a little present in it.

I must remember not to be so hard on myself (as usual) if I don't complete everything on this list today. There is always tomorrow. And some things just take a while to do right.

What's on your to-do list? Leave a comment! :-)


PS It's fun to make my own links here this time, instead of having ad links. I tried a "real" ad link service, but I didn't like it. It was murder to take the service off too. Ack.

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Oh - and have a HAPPY day.
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