Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stop and shop at the Gallery Hop! (Friday March 19)

A Bowling Green Gallery Hop will take place this Friday, March 19.

Who: Artists and Friends of Artists, everyone who loves to look at art.

Where: All around Bowling Green - at shops, people's studios, etc.

What: The 3rd Annual Gallery Hop! This is an event where people go from studio to studio checking out new artist's work, having snacks, chatting, and buying things from artists.

When: 5:00 - 8:00 (times may vary a bit for different locations)

How: Very easily visit lots and lots of artists AND see their studios! It's a fun event. This is the first Gallery Hop. There will be more offered this year too.

I will be at the Pots Place during the Gallery Hop this year, but hope to also visit other artists' studios too. See you there!


The Bowling Green Gallery Hop page at VSA

A couple of my favorite Gallery Hop places!

The Pots Place Co-op Studio and Gallery
Memphis Marsha's Art Gallery and Classes

Of course, I love them all. I only wish I could visit EVERY location this year. Someday...


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