Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More fun cheap and free stuff for February in ad around Bowling Green, Kentucky

Here is some great events. They are from the What's Happening in Bowling Green online newsletter. You can get on the list, too! Just go to their page at http://visitbgky.com/ and sign up. It's just a tad down on the main page, just below and to to the right, under the main pictures.

I have picked the events I like the most, and that are free.

Geocaching at Lost River Cave Saturday, Feb. 6th!
This event is for newcomers and for experienced geocachers. It is totally free. Learn how Geocaching is  done. 1:00 - 3:00. Here is a map.
Here is a link that tells more: Mixing it Up at Lost River Cave.

Macy's Used Book Sale - this benefits the SOKY Bookfest. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Feb. 5th - 7th at the RailPark Train Museum. Check here for times. This is a great sale, one of two biggies here in Bowling Green each year. You can donate your books to it too, just contact them. Here is a map to the Historic RailPark Train Museum.

The Historic Railpark site
Lost River Cave's website
Find out about more events: Get Rolling to Bowling Green, KY (visitbgky)
Learn about the SOKY Bookfest
Dinosaur World - Cave City, Kentucky

Another event: (February 7th, Sunday) Get half off admission at Dinosaur World with 2 canned goods. Dinosaur World is located in Cave City, Kentucky.

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