Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Things to think about... and do! Plus some fun things I am sharing.

My list is LONG of things I need to do.

I keep making lists to keep myself on the MOST important jobs first.

Up near the top are Overdue Letters, Tax preparation, Blog Writing (doing now!), and card writing, too.

I have ONE button to sew on for my semi-official Girl Scout Uniform - - more places to organize - - things to go through - - spaces to de-clutter - - and once Spring comes for sure (and it's not raining hopefully) - - trees and bushes to cut, outdoor spaces to tidy, lots more.

It is deceptively nice outside today. Many customers are stopping by at the Pots Place downtown and going around the square. I am writing more lists. Zeroing in on Projects can be fun, because actually getting some done can be interesting. For instance, I found some things at home yesterday while organizing shipping boxes! A pencil, a sharpener, shoes, and more.

Some things I have learned this and last week, that I hope to look into later:

1. Using a Bank Service when next I want to buy a car,

2. $60 will buy a PBS Passport, so this may be very worth it if we cancel cable,

3. Amazon Prime MIGHT be worth it.

4. John Denver's WindStar group might still be doing good things.

5. I have a couple of Memory Slots on my computer, and I MIGHT be able to put new Memory in there myself. Interesting.

6. The Rachel Maddow show "Bag Man" (done in Podcast format) is well worth listening to!

I'm sure there are more. I will note them to share next time!


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