Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Online Ebay and Etsy Facebook Pages - local and not.

I am just learning now, after not selling for awhile.

I do know that rare, expensive items are still in demand. Not so much little bitty collectibles. AND that there are some popular things to look for now, like old patterns.

And it's NOT worth it to sell something that is not worth a lot by itself. Making a grouping can help in that case. And some things (like old books) aren't worth a lot unless they are rare. Looking them up is a good idea.

It takes awhile for people to "see" you after you have not been on Ebay for a long time also. And I'm brand new to Etsy. I have been there to Favorite other pages though before.

Some useful Facebook pages are helping me learn what is in demand online, and I am gradually adding more to Ebay and to Etsy.

Here are a few Facebook groups to share today:

Non-Local Groups

Stay at Home Moms Selling on Ebay

Ebay Ads on Facebook (advertise your postings) - <also can be used for Etsy postings>

Etsy - for Etsy Sellers and Buyers

Etsy Sellers

Local Groups

For Sale, Bowling Green, KY, Advertise, Buy, Sell and Trade

Bowling Green, KY Yard Sale

Free, Wanted or Sale Items in the BG Area

RePets Super Thrift Store

 Bargain Deals in BG, KY

And these are just SOME of the many groups on Facebook.

I have some Yahoo groups to share too later.

Have a GREAT week!


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