Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Online Writing and Selling News for Wed., July 30, 2014

There is much news to share about my writing and selling online right now.

As I thought when I first listed a few things, Ebay is MUCH better for buyers than for sellers right now.

...Unless you are selling Girl Scout memorabilia, in which case sellers are doing A-OK. And I'm sure there are other niches that are performing well too. But if you are a buyer, good news - - you can still find some GREAT deals there.

Here are links to Ebay and to Etsy.

Here is my Etsy shop code from the site:

Ebay has some auctions up now too. Here is that link:

 feel great having an Etsy store right now, and plan to list some more things there soon. I think it will be awhile to get "known" online again. And I have a LOT of other projects right now, so that is OK.    
Help to get back up to speed: I found some great links that I want to again use to learn about online selling. Here are some new ones from one of my favorite online gurus, Suzanne Arant Wells. I plan to read these soon. I found them on an online group. I like it that these resources are all FREE.

Ms. Wells personally recommended all these pages.
Suzanne says, "The main thing is to understand the rules, and avoid selling things that can get you in trouble or have your account suspended. eBay isn't clear on some things so trial and error is often the way many learn, and sometimes the error is what gets their account suspended." 

Other recent postings: 

All for now! 


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