Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to help a friend who has lost a home to a housefire

I know somebody whose house burnt down recently in Morgantown, KY.

Luckily, the family is OK. I have since been in contact, and hope to help her more soon. What an awful thing to happen. She is probably still in shock about it.

But I wanted to know if I missed any ideas to help her. I looked around to get some more ideas today on how to help.

Here are some ideas I found:

#1. Tell them to call the Red Cross. Help by getting a local phone number for them.

#2. Send money, as much as you can.

#3. If you have a "regular" bank, try to set up a fund for them.

#4. Find out what they need (after they get a place where they can keep things...)

#5. Offer to look after their pets.

#6. Give them copies of photos they would like (if you are family and can make extras)

#7.  Let them know you care about them. Ask them if you can help.

#8. Tell friends so they can also help.

More ideas? Please leave a comment.

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