Saturday, January 25, 2014

Organizing my Facebook Sites - some tips

There are 2 ways I've found so far to organize my Facebook pages I like.

#1. I go to the Like Page on Facebook and check out the upper right side. There is a wheel symbol at the very right in the blue bar that I click on.

Then I look at the options underneath this. It will have an option called "Add to Interest Lists" OR may have an option called "Add to Favorites".

I haven't quite figured out why some have one and not the other. But I digress.

I pick Add to Interest Lists and then I can see all the Interest Lists I have made.

If you don't have any Interest Lists on Facebook, you can add them using the link "Interests" on the bottom left of your Facebook page.

When you add a Page or Like Page to an Interest List, it will help you out by putting all of a certain kind of page together. Then you can click on your Interest List in the future and it will list the postings of those pages. Just click on the List Name and you have other options, like "Manage List" and more.

When you are like me, and need to have certain pages together (if you want to post in all of them, for instance) this can really help.


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