Saturday, December 21, 2013

From the Garden Spot - - finding heirloom seeds, and shopping at the Farmer's Market, tonight's storm, more.

I do like the new Community Farmer's Market on 31-W. It's the one with the bus out front.

They were packed with shoppers, and had lots of choices of things to buy: meat, baked goods, hothouse tomatoes, English cucumbers, blueberries, onions, biscuits, sandwiches, drinks, other vegetables, salsa, wooden trains, pottery, knitted goods, gifts, soap, ice cream, cakes, cookies, coffee, breads, canned goodies, and a whole lot more.

It was fun. Rickey and I went around about five times. I saw some people I knew and said hi.

Luckily, we had some shopping bags in the back of the car, which were helpful. We are "loaded for bear" here now.

Now to wait for the storm in this area tonight, which is due to hit us about 11 p.m. and continue until in the morning.

Cross your fingers!

FYI, here is the Community Farmer's Market Facebook page.

I really like it that they are doing the Bus project too, to help people get real food in their areas locally. And, looking at their Facebook page just now, there is also going to be a Folk School there. That sounds neat. I will be looking at that for sure.


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