Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy, busy, busy. Rain, the new Flickr site, and my new Girl Scout Outdoor Journey project.

Photo by Tony Hisgett on Flickr.

Yup, I'm still here. Busy, but here.

I really liked this Flickr photo. Have you been to that site recently? I liked it much better before the huge changes.

Now the photos are way too big and I find it hard to navigate. I will have to spend more time there.

Maybe it's possible to customize the look of it.

It rained.... so I am not able to get into the yard today. 

Tonight... a Board meeting for a local Computer club, BGAMUG. I am handing over the website to somebody else this Fall, as I knew I would have another BIG project coming up.

It's here... the Outdoor Journey Project. Now I have a Facebook page and a website for it. (Girl Scout volunteers are encouraged to join this grass roots project to get the "Outing" back into Girl Scouting.)

It needs work, but I think I'll keep up the other blogs too, at least for awhile.

This blog relates to it - - because it's about getting outdoors. I love gardens, AND I love Girl Scouting. So they go together very well.

Have a great week!


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