Monday, July 1, 2013

Links for Teachers, The Girl Scout Betsy blog, more.

Looking for events in the BG, KY area? Click here for the BG Events Page.

This page (here on this blog) lists all kinds of local Bowling Green, Kentucky links, blogs, and sites to help you find out what is going on in town. The tab is at the top on the blog site.

If you live in the area, pick up a SoKy Happenings magazine. You can find one at many places in town. We usually pick ours up at Barnes and Noble.

About the Garden Spot: it is getting prettied up for next year. There is a lot to do.

I have been busy with my new blog, Girl Scout Betsy. If you have a troop, it's a good place to check out upcoming events and also links from other parts of the country.

Are you a teacher? I have some links on my Betsyanne page that you may like.

ANTIGONE: #1. Get a Free Antigone Unit here.

FOR TEACHERS: #2.  Here is my For Teachers page, for new and experienced teachers.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: #3.  Here is a Classroom Management page.

MY NEW BLOG: The Girl Scout Betsy blog tells about things going on in the Kentuckiana Council and more.

PINTEREST: Love Pinterest? Here is a link to my Pinterest page. Comment or list your blog or site below.

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