Sunday, December 30, 2012

Have resolutions for the New Year? Maybe some of yours are here too.

Photo by Celeste Hutchins under a Creative Commons license.

It's the New Year soon. And it's a good time to think about changes, and getting things done.

Already, on Facebook, people are talking about this. Some people say that resolutions are just empty promises. Others are using this time to say that they will exercise more or pay more attention to their diets.

I think I'd make the same resolutions whether or not they were tradition to do it. Here are a few of mine:

#1. Keep eating healthier food and keep to a healthy diet plan.

#2. Exercise more.

#3. Try out different art projects. Enter some shows.

#4. Edit my books and put them online and for sale as books. Find some great covers!

#5. Get my books and other things organized. Get rid of some things on Ebay and Amazon to free up space.

#6. Do more home cooking.

#7. Start a GS Alumni group.

#8. Make a map of a camp.

#9. Get my addresses organized and write more letters.

#10. Make a To-Do list (or ten) and do at least one thing from them per day.

Do these Resolutions for 2013 ring a bell with you? Are some of yours the same?

What are YOUR resolutions for 2013? List them as a comment. :-)


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