Monday, February 27, 2012

The ConCave Convention 2012 was a blast.

Have you read or heard about ConCave?
An alien hall monitor.


My small cowled monk figure.


Your Galaxy needs you!

Yup - a real tattoo parlor!

Or maybe you have attended one of the ConCave conventions in the past.

This fun Science Fiction Relaxacon is held in Bowlign Green, Kentucky. I took some more photos this time. It was this last weekend.

Here are just a few of the photos, and a link to more at the end of this article. One new thing we had this year was an actual tattoo artist!

Here are just a few of the other things I liked this year: the Art Show, covering my cost at the Art Show, getting ideas at the Art Show, watching the Art Auction, very cool costumes, happy people in the game room(s), a beautiful room in the Quiet Section, short reunions with old friends, cool huckster rooms, cheap book purchases, fun parties, neat stickers for my badge, and some good food.

It was also fun getting to know some of my Facebook friends better, face to face.

Are you a science fiction fan? You may consider signing up to come to this fun event next year.

All for now,
ConCave Fan

Here are the promised links to other ConCave photos - and a heads up. These are on Facebook.

Saturday ConCave Photos (2012)

Saturday at ConCave 2012

And here are a couple of older photo albums on Facebook too:
ConCave 2011 and

ConCave 2009

I hope you enjoy them. Leave a comment!

PS One of these years it also would be fun to attend a WorldCon.

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