Monday, January 2, 2012

New Meetup news from the Meetup Site

Dachshund Meetup in Boston by John E. Lester on Flickr.

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Meetup News

Today I got an email from the Meetup site. Their website is here:

If you are not familiar with Meetup, it's a place where you can join a group or start one up locally.

I registered for this years ago but never actually went to a group (yet).

Anyway, now you can go to the Meetup site and see where your Facebook frirends are signed up there. I made some neat discoveries. One was that some of my Facebook friends are interested in biking and hiking. Neat!

So, if you are already on Meetup, you might like to check this out. Or start a group and see who joins. It's a neat way to make friends who like what you do.

Of course, follow the safety rules you already know (like... meet in a public place for at least the first time, etc.) It does sound like fun.


Here are a couple other sites you might like:
Meetup on Facebook, and
The Official Meetup HQ Blog: via @AddThis

PS You probably noticed I changed my blog name and purpose. In order to make my blogs better, I think I will try to post more. For now, I still have my Calendar as a separate page here.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about my new layout, or what you are doing, or something else interesting. 

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