Monday, February 15, 2010

Then and Now Bowling Green on Facebook

Then and Now Bowling Green

What a fun Facebook group!

If you are on Facebook, there is a new group (new to me...) there called Then and Now Bowling Green.

Enjoy looking at photographs from long ago or just when you were a kid at the Then and Now Bowling Green Facebook site. I am having a lot of fun remembering Bowling Green as it was when I first moved here.

They just recently put a photo up at the group site of the Old Mall (inside - with stores - and remember the fountain?) This oh-so-fun Facebook group was started (it says on the site) by Kevin Comer and Ben Runner, Jr. It has 1,453 fans, which is a pretty big number. It started in June of 2009.

This is a rapidly-growing group, and absolutely FREE. Join the fun!

Here is the link:
Then and Now Bowling Green

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