Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Beginner's Guide to Squidoo features a link to a free learning e-book

Are you interested in making money online? 
If so, is one place you can do that. You may have heard of Squidoo already. It is a website with many fun and interesting pages, or lenses, on it about many different subjects.

How do people make money with Squidoo? The secret is to make lots of Squidoo pages about your interests. The site shares revenue with you depending on how many people visit your pages. And what is really neat is it is totally FREE to sign up AND to make pages there.

When you make a page, you become what Squidoo calls a Squidoo Lensmaster. The best Lensmasters can become Giant Squids, which means Super-Great Lensmaster. I hope I can get there someday!

How can I make my own Squidoo page? 
You can get some good tips about learning how to do a Squidoo page at  my (recently revised) Squidoo page, The Beginner's Guide to Squidoo.

I have put two interesting modules on this lens (page) that you can see. One is an Ebay module, and the other is an Amazon module. Both can make you money. You can see how they will look on your page by looking at the one on my Beginner's Guide.

Also, a free e-book link was just put on that lens page today. It will download to your desktop, and is a pdf file. This ebook is written by a group of experts, and explains how to succeed on Squidoo in a step by step way.

I am still learning about Squidoo too, so this lens features lots of other Squidoo lenses that walk you through the process of starting on Squidoo and learning more about it.

My referral to Squidoo
If you have not joined yet, use this link (My referral to Squidoo.)

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