Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Days of Civil War Reinacting is this weekend - a reminder

Civil War Treasures from the New-York Historical Society, [Digital ID: nhnycw/ai ai01012]
Camp 8th Reg[iment], Reg[ular] Army, Capt Reade, C[om]m[a]nding [Sketchbook]

I really like this sketch. It reminds me of the tents that are going to go up at the Civil War Reinactment this weekend. They will have a small tent city there. They also will have Civil War fashions, cookware, and more that look authentic. Last year, they also had an authentic-sounding church service. It was fun to see people in civil-war era costumes, both men and women. I took some really fun photos there. 

It is a great, fun, and free event.


This post is a reminder to check out the (free) Civil War Reinactment this weekend at Lost River Cave.

Lost River Cave is located on 31-W. Here are directions and a map. Also, if you take pictures and want to share them, let me know where they are posted and if I can post them here.

Some of the great things going on at the Reinactment are the chance to meet Abe Lincoln, a Cannon Night Fire, and a Lost River Civil War Ball.

Find out more at the Lost River site:

Here are some more articles about this event and photos from last year:

Civil War Dresses for Sale (from last year's Reinactment 2008)
Reinactors in Bowling Green 2008


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