Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Yard Sale with toys, kids' clothing, on Memphis Junction FYI

Here is a yard sale I passed on the way home today. They didn't have everything out yet. I saw a cute train set and noticed LOTS and LOTS of action figures plus a microwave.

It has LOTS of kid's toys and clothes, priced to sell.

Just go to 646 Memphis Junction Road. This sale will be all week through Sunday.

Here is her description:

Kids' clothes, boys, girls, men's, women's, lots and lots of toys, perfect for Christmas gifts, birthdays, or just to have.

Shoes, hot wheels, strollers, potty chair and much more! Clothes sizes newborn to adult.

Great prices 
VHS movies - $1.00
Most clothes - $1.00
2 pc. clothing sets - $2.00
Shoes -  50¢

Contact Angie at or call (270) 904-3646.  (I'll take this off when the sale is over... this info. is ONLY for serious buyers.)

I love yard sales. I haven't been to many this year, but it would be fun to do that. I always find such great deals at them.

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