Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Events in and near Bowling Green, Kentucky

A cropped photo.
The original photo is from the Hubble Site:
Quadruple Saturn Moon Transit Snapped By Hubble

is one of the most fun FREE things to do in Bowling Green. Bring your family or scout troop here. It's always a thrill for me when they start dimming the lights so that your eyes get used to the darkness. And you MUST go before summer, when they take a break. You can go see "The Planets" 7 p.m. Tuesday or Thursday, and 2 p.m. Sunday until May 10th. Find out more here:

has its new classes out! You can print out a pdf version of the class schedule on this page:

Don't have a PDF Reader on your computer? You can download a free one here:
Get Adobe Reader

ALSO: SEE RIVERVIEW at HOBSON GROVE for FREE - when you buy a book and get it signed on Sunday (That is, tomorrow, April 26th.) Bob Dickey has a book available called Dynasty of Dimes, which is about local past Beech Bend Park owner Charles Garvin. You can buy your copy of this book there. (call for more info. to 270-843-5565).

Find out more about what is going on in and near Bowling Green, Kentucky by checking out the Daily News website!
See a photo of Riverview at Hobson Grove
The Hubble Site

My disclaimer: By no means are these the ONLY events in and around Bowling Green, Kentucky. But they are some of the events that do jump out at me when I read the Daily News or the latest Soky Happenings or look on a website or blog link at the Cheap and Free Stuff in and around Bowling Green, Kentucky blog. Make sure to always double-check on an event before going in case of a misprint or rain date. Enjoy!
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